Google brings back SQL{1}

by Monica G
It is well known that Google was at the forefront of NoSQL. This movement was to create a new type of database that could pass large amounts of information across the world. However, Google is now unleashing the original SQL database to its Google Application Engine, “a means of building and hosting atop Google’s online infrastructure.” The original NoSQL databases, Big Table, was not letting developers move or create data to the already existing relational database services, causing great inconvenience. Therefore Google released it would be using SQL once again. The database would allow for users to focus on developing the applications and/ or services wanted without having to worry so much on the administering, managing and maintaining. This database would be called, Google Cloud SQL; there is a catch. For now the services are free but like many things in life, eventually Google will start charging, of course giving the users at least 30 days notice.

This is related to the class lecture, because we started discussing SQL. Google was able to see the value of SQL. Structured Query Language allows for easy update and removable of data from a database. SQL is the language that can be used to perform the given tasks such as the ones listed above.

This seems like a create idea from Google, but my question is when will this be able to the rest of the public because right now it is able to only some users. And will this service be permanent or is it simply a beta. Because like any company if a program or software isn’t bringing in any revenue then it won’t last for long.


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