Google Cloud SQL{Comments Off on Google Cloud SQL}

by Dean H

On Thursday, October 6th, Google has announced a relational database for its cloud- hosted App Engine.  It is currently only available to the selected develops to review and test the software. One of the highlights is an import/export feature that can transfer the MySQL database to the Google Cloud SQL, offering the developers the portability and performance with internet connection. Users can just focus on developing the apps and services only, without worrying about all the administrative tasked. Below are the highlights of the announcement:

1. No Maintenance or administration (Google manages it for you)

2. High reliability and availability

3. Familiar MySQL database environment with JDBC and DB-API support

4. Comprehensive user interface for administering databases

5. Simple and powerful integratio with Google App Engine.


I forward this message to a friend of mine who actually uses the App Engine. He mentioned that from a developer’s stand point, the lack of an integrated database service has been a limitation of App Engine for quite a while. He thinks that Cloud SQL will make App Engine much more useful and complete. One thing that I learned while talking to him is that WordPress uses MySQL, and it actually is the performance bottleneck due to the lack of the above advantages from the Cloud SQL. I think Google is making a smart move at getting into this market. Now although this service is only available to the App Engine users, I would argue that it will soon to be extended to other apps as well.


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