Google Music{Comments Off on Google Music}

by Joey L
On Wednesday, November 16, Google officially announced Google Music to the public.  Google Music is a music service that let users store up to 20,000 songs on the cloud for free and stream listen to them on the go.   Android users can stream music on their devices as well as purchase and download tracks from Android Market without the hassle of wires or syncing.   The store will provide a 90 second preview of the all the songs in Google’s database.  Google Music can also be integrated into its social network, Google+, where users can share their favorite tracks either publicly or with select groups of friends through the Circles feature.  Songs that are shared will be allowed to play the song entirely on the receiver’s account once.   Google has locked down deals with over 1,000 music labels, which includes Sony, EMI, and Universal.  Currently, users are able to download over 8 million tracks on Google’s expanding library of songs.  Google promised that their library would soon expand to about 13 million tracks.

I find this service to be an efficient way for users to listen to songs on the go; there is no need to waste precious storage space since your music can be stored on the cloud.  The best bang to this service is that it’s free, unlike Apple’s iTunes Match that has an annual fee of $25.   All in all, Google Music is still inferior to iTunes Match.  Apple packs in much more variety of songs to download from as well as features like “scan and match” technology, which saves user’s time by allows users to stream their songs without the need to upload them.

This topic ties with our class topic, databases.  Google stores all their songs in a database where users can query their search by song title, artist, album, etc.  The whole service is cloud based so ultimately, it will help free up your personal storage space.

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