Google plays dirty..{5}

by Abubaker D
My article was talking about a Kenyan Internet Database company that was being scammed by Google employees. The name of company is Mocality. And it maintains a crowd-sourced online directory of Kenyan businesses. What happened was that Google started Getting Kenyan Businesses Online, which launched last year. It was a Google project to attract Kenyan businesses into using Google’s services. The team that was responsible of the project started infiltrating into Mocality’s database to gain information about customers. After they got the information, they contacted the customers and started telling them about the Google services and how it’s cheaper and better. Mocality was receiving phone calls sometimes from customers about their websites. It was a little weird because Mocality only offers online listings, not web sites. As the calls continued, Mocality started digging into it. From the article “Mocality looked at its logs and found a pattern between the companies that had called Mocality and the IP address/User-Agent that had accessed that company’s profile in the Mocality database. These records also stood out because they were accessed using the latest stable version of Chrome on a 32-bit Linux machine, which Mocality said “barely appears in our logs” on a regular basis.” Mocality eventually set up a trap for the scammers. They were able to make them call their centers pretending that they were customers. They were shocked to hear what they were telling them. In the calls, they were telling them that Google and Mocality are working together, and sometimes they said that Mocality charges a lot of money for its services, which was not true because it’s free. Google apologized and said they never knew about the scam or gave any orders for its employees to do so. Mocality said that a lot of big questions still remain. The scammers were not caught, and Google is supposedly “investigating”.

I found this related to our class because it was about database. I thought it was useful for students and everyone else to always remember the ethics of work. We should keep in mind that knowledge shouldn’t be used for bad deeds.

I don’t really like Google. I’ve read a lot of Google scams and they always do work underground. They always want to monopolize everything even if it means using dirty tricks such as the one mentioned in the article. I really hate Google to the guts. I can tell a bunch of stories some of their scams and dirty playing. Sorry I sound like I’m raging over it, but it just pisses me off because they have so much power and money already, yet they still play dirty. And there’s more than that to the article, Google actually knew about the plan. And the CEO of Mocality did say something about it in another article I read.

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