Google’s BigQuery{3}

by Ronny W
BigQuery is a cloud-based service from Google. It is use for analyzing very large sets of data. It was unveiled at the Google I/O developer conference two years ago, and it is now publicly available after a period of limited-availability testing. BigQuery is an online analytical processing system that is able to process larger amount of data in real time. Pricing can vary according to the usage of query and the amount data stored. BigQuery is not for OLTP(online transaction processing) task.

Query is one of the most common function of database. Querying can take up a lot of time depending on the system that is being used. It also depends on the petitioning of the database discussed in class. Database is essential for every business. This BigQuery service combines both database and cloud compatibility together.

BigQuery can help a lot of business observe large amount of data in real time. This service is in the cloud, so it can be access easily without being in the office. I think the down side to this is internet speed. Internet speed might be the biggest issue in this service because of the amount of data that needs to be transferred over through the web. The process is as fast as the slowest part of the whole process. Meaning if the internet is unable to download terabyte worth of the queried data, then all the fast quering speed will not really matter.

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