Google’s Database Service

by Robert D
Google very recently announced their new database service, Google Cloud SQL. The cool thing about it is, it works entirely on Google’s servers. They provide database management, maintenance, and importing services. The service is only available to certain developers, but once it’s out of beta, they’ll set a price point, and Google will be running another part of our lives (woo hoo!).


Database integrity and security is annoying. I’m looking forward to a cloud service–granted it’s cheap. While the listed article doesn’t mention much of the database’s capabilities, it’s got SQL right in the name, so I imagine it’ll be as usable as any other database service. I would like to know more about it before I start shelling out money, though.

As a tie-in with the week’s lecture, the administrator is responsible for relational constraints that make the database competent. From assigning data types, degrees, entity strength, and so on, a database can take something of a 3D shape. This is great, but it’s hard for people who aren’t used to databases to understand. While reading the article, I got the impression that Google has some sort of service to set some of these things for you. They never go into detail about what “fully-managed services” include.

Perez, J.C. “Google Adds Cloud-Based SQL Database to App Engine.” PCWorld. 6 Oct., 2011.

6 thoughts on “Google’s Database Service”

  1. I post a blog on Google SQL last week as well. The question that I have is the security of the database. Imagine using people’s social number, address, insurance number, and all other sensitives information in the cloud SQL. Would you really trust that?

  2. I agree with you Hsu, security with clouds is not that great. I would be scare to give out such sensitive information out in to the wild. Sounds like a hackers heaven.

  3. I still don’t know too much about the specifics of this service, but since it sounds like cloud service from Google, I feel like it would be pretty reliable.

  4. It true that security with clouds is not great but it is still in beta stages and Google may improve it before it finally out. Same things happen as Amazon too. Anyway, it will be better for us if Google cloud database service is out.

  5. I dont have much faith in cloud computing just yet. I think providers still have a ways to go before they can nail down all the kinks. However, if I was going to entrust the storage of my data to a 3rd party, it would definitely be google. I’m completely okay with them running another part of my life. 😀

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