Green Cloud Computing: Balancing Energy in Processing, Storage, and Transport{Comments Off on Green Cloud Computing: Balancing Energy in Processing, Storage, and Transport}

by Kyaw T
Network-based cloud computing is rapidly expanding as an alternative to conventional office-based computing. As cloud computing becomes more widespread, the energy consumption of the network and computing resources that underpin the cloud will grow. This is happening at a time when there is increasing attention being paid to the need to manage energy consumption across the entire information and communications technology sector. While data center energy use has received much attention recently, there has been less attention paid to the energy consumption of the transmission and switching networks that are key to connecting users to the cloud. In this paper, we present an analysis of energy consumption in cloud computing. The analysis considers both public and private clouds, and includes energy consumption in switching and transmission as well as data processing and data storage. We show that energy consumption in transport and switching can be a significant percentage of total energy consumption in cloud computing. Cloudcomputing can enable more energy-efficient use of computing power, especially when the computing tasks are of low intensity or infrequent. However, under some circumstances cloud computing can consume more energy than conventional computing where each user performs all computingon their own personal computer .

As the network-based cloud computing system become popular and use for many reasons, I think people need to have knowledge about how it operate. As the writer describe, cloud computing can save a lot of energy if it is used in correct method because cloud server responsible for all the calculation require instead of doing it in our personal own computer or laptop. On the other hand, it can also consume more energy when user perform all the task at their own personal computer and just use cloud server as a storage device. For me, I did not use too many advantages of cloud server except playing game at Steam and watching movies at Netflix. Although I do not know how the steam’s cloud server act but I learn that Netflix uses Amazon’s cloud servers. Because of the advantage of the cloud computing, we can watch movie steaming from service like Netflix faster. Also, we do not need to worry about storing data at our own computer or buying DVD.


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