Hacker Busted by Smartphone{5}

by Joshua L
The article I read is about a hacker by the name of Higinio O. Ochoa III, a Linux administrator, who was charged by the FBI with hacking into U.S. law enforcement agencies and posting online the home addresses for police officers, including those of more than 100 Los Angeles police officers. He was caught because on the site he posted the information he used a picture that he took with his cell phone that was traced back to his phone. He didn’t know about the fact that EXIF data (location, camera type, and other image information) is included in every photo taken with a smartphone.

I found this article interesting because it shows how easy it is to access information online. Everything you do online is recorded and saved somewhere online. People need to remember that everything you post online leaves a trace back to you and it is not that hard to track down. I found it funny that a hacker got caught by something as simple as that. Especially because that is information you can actually remove from the file before you use it.

This article is relevant to class because it shows how data can be transformed into useful information that can be applied to solve a real-world problem. All of the information you post online is stored somewhere in some sort of a database.

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