Hacking Into Apple’s Server

by Abubaker D
My article is talking about a group of hackers that managed to hack into one of Apple’s servers. The anonymous group was able to infiltrate into the server that Apple used to process technical support follow-up surveys. With the attack, they were only able to retrieve 27 user names and passwords, and from what Apple is saying, there was no customer data compromised. The group used mysql database to perform the hack which is possibly a SQL injection. And Apple suspects that it could be the result of a similar style of hack often used by former hacker group Lulzsec. Lulzsec used SQL injections to hack into and get information from Sony Pictures and PBS. But the group was supposedly disbanded. Apple is curios if the same members of Lulzsec were the ones that performed the attack. Here’s what a Luzsec representative posted on his twitter account “After mapping their internal network and thoroughly pillaging all of their servers, we grabbed all their source code and database passwords, which we proceeded to shift silently back to our storage deck”. Apple has not commented on what the twitter post had to say or the alleged Lulzsec attack.

This was related to our class because we are learning how to use SQL. I thought it would be helpful for students to know about this to show them how interesting SQL could be. Even a big company like Apple was breached by using SQL commands. Just shows us how powerful SQL is.

Reading this article was really intriguing. I never thought Apple’s servers could be breached with a simple SQL command or possibly an injection; either way the hackers used SQL to infiltrate into the server. I now know how important SQL really is.

David Murphy (2011). Anonymous Hacks Apple Server. Retrieved from http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2388025,00.asp


4 thoughts on “Hacking Into Apple’s Server”

  1. LulzSec and Anon are becoming a major player in today's economy due to their constant attacks on huge online corporations. It is pretty scary to think about how effective these groups are and how they are virtually invisible due to their nature.

  2. I find it crazy that sites that we frequent daily could one day be a potential risk to us. Our information could potentially be at risk with any site, and it's a sad that we can't ever really feel secure with any site no matter how much precaution they take.

  3. I reviewed an article about the hacker group Anonymous last week and I find it very interesting what they are doing to spark awareness of how easily the security of our personal information could be compromised. This group could even hack into some high-security government databases and corporate websites. What would happen if they hack into the databases of banks?

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