Hadoop Making the Headlines Once Again{Comments Off on Hadoop Making the Headlines Once Again}

by Asbed P
Since IT Executives mentioned that Hadoop was ready for enterprise use during the Hadoop World conference in New York about a month ago, big companies have already begun to switch over.  JPMorgan Chase, for example, still uses relational database systems for transaction processing, but it has now began using Hadoop technology for more and more services, including Fraud Detection, IT risk management, and self service.  Larry Feinsmith, managing director of IT, mentions, “Hadoop allows us to store data that we never stored before.”  He means the vast amount of unstructured data like web logs, transaction data and social media data.  eBay has also jumped on the wagon and is using Hadoop along with the Hbase database.  Hbase supports real-time analysis of Hadoop data and is a great companion to bring along for your business. Chase’s Feinsmith, however, warns of potential security issues that can arise from using Hadoop.  Hugh Williams of eBay also pointed out that “related technology like Hbase, are still somewhat immature,” raising questions about overall system stability.

Like I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, Hadoop sounds like a great database structure, especially now that they have the related Hbase up as well, allowing for real time analysis of the data Hadoop stores.  Sure there are drawbacks, and they might even be quite risky to use, but the fact that it can store such great amounts of unstructured data might outweigh the risks for some companies.  In my opinion, having a secure system that also does what you want is very important, but since Hadoop is still young was just released mere weeks ago, I still have hope.  It seems many other big companies have hope for Hadoop as well since they are already switching over for it.  It’s a young database though, so only time will tell.

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