Happy B-day SMS{3}

Today being the last blog, I decided to write about an interesting article written by John Biggs which talked about the history of the SMS. The article was called “Happy Birthday SMS” which caught my attention right away. This article discussed how a programmer from the United Kingdom in December 3rd from 1992 sent by the very first time a few lines of messages saying “Merry Christmas” from his computer to his friend’s phone. He sent his messages through the “new” technique known as short messaging service (SMS). However, this new way of communication didn’t become so popular and into effect until sever years after. Today there are about eight trillion messages crossing the air yearly where only adults between 18 to 25 years old send about 133 messages a week.

It is important to mention that the SMS started with the pagers which started off in telegraphy and telex. This SMS communication became popular as technology devices have been improved up to now. I think this article is quite interesting because we all need to get some information on the history behind the technology we use today.

It also connects to the class because we have discussed databases and data management and SMS along MMS are also taking over a good amount of space only in data allocation. It is just amazing seeing how social media are generating tremendous amount of data from all the people that use these sites.

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