Having One Big Database Could Be Beneficial for the Music Industry{3}

In this article, the author talks about how it could make things much easier if there was one big database for the music industry. Currently there are several databases for music, and it is causing a lot of trouble. The author mentions how the copy right issue is so complicated because there are several databases. He says that if there were to be one big database, it could make things much more efficient and it could make the distribution of music cheaper for the buyers and have it more rewarding for the artists. He said that there would be a hundred percent accuracy and it would get rid of all the headaches the music services are getting because of it.


I feel that this article is related to the class because it is a good example of a usage of database. From having an organized database and put into good use, it could make things more efficient and cost-effective. The article also mentions how much more accurate data could be generated from monitoring the services if the small databases were combined into one big database. It says that it will also make the royalty payments make more sense for the artists, since it would have a much more accurate calculation from one big database.


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