Help with SQL :){2}

by Abel R
My article is called Easing into SQL and it talks about how tedious writing code can be. The article mentions common mistakes such as logic errors and typos and it also mentions how you can create most basic statements in the query design grid using Microsoft Access. When using Access you can produce an equivalent SQL statement for every query, and you can use this to your advantage. You can click the View button and choose SQL View and Access will display the query’s equivalent SQL statement. This can be very useful if you;re having trouble with SQL statements and don’t feel like producing it from scratch.

I think this article is relevant to our project 3 because as we have to produce more and more complex SQL statements as we may run into trouble and by using this method using Access, we can get an idea of how the statement is supposed to be. The SQL statement may not be perfect but with some adjustments we can produce the correct one.



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