How to Protect Your Intellectual Property in the Cloud

by Jonathan N
There is no doubt that Cloud Computing has grown drastically in the business world. People look to an out source to store all there information and files for their companies. The cloud computing contracts were coming in very heavily last year due to its increase in popularity. With more contracts closed customers were starting to question the intellectual protection in the cloud.  Cloud service IT leaders were panicked realizing their IP was now at risk due to the possibility of information theft. The article talks about one client who exposed his companies very valuable formulas to the cloud an had to use very expensive measures to retrieve that information again.  There is always a risk when handling very important information to a third party cloud company. Cloud based services introduce increase IP threats because the data hops from country to country which in some countries IP laws are very weak and can easily be threaten. To protect your companies valuable information you must follow nine important steps which are: Pick the right provider, Select the right service, Read the fine print, Add some fine print of your own, expect to pay more, Consider IP creation, Secure it yourself, Prevent a lockout, Revisit controls on a regular basis, Be prepared to walk.

This article  about the protection of cloud computing is relevant to our class because cloud computing is becoming more and more popular and companies are moving toward the innovativeness of it. I think cloud computing is a great new way for companies to store all their files with a third party. But I do like how the articles enlightens us that there is a big risk involved because if the jewels of your company are provided on  the cloud and it was somehow hacked into. Your business value could be gone in the matter of minutes. This articles enlightens us with the knowledge when closing a contract with a cloud service provider.


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3 thoughts on “How to Protect Your Intellectual Property in the Cloud”

  1. I agree with you on many of the points you make about cloud computing being a great way to share information. I do think that cloud computing also poses more risks, since the information stored is “in the cloud” and not in a physical device that is next to me. I think that cloud computing needs to go through much extensive security protection before it becomes something that a business would be completely dependent on.

  2. I agree with the OP. I too did an article about security vulnerabilities and I too found that as we move more and more into cloud computing, we do have to be aware of the security issues that is faced with it. For example, my phone does frequent back-ups to the “cloud”, and I do wonder how secure it really is? Plus, as mentions in the OP, IP laws are indeed weak and that too scares me.

  3. I did appreciate the concerns and issues regarding the security issues associated with the utilization of a cloud computing system; however I do believe that the final step – be prepared to walk – should be extrapolated on. The article fails to mention that the majority of companies consider themselves unprepared to transition into the cloud, therefore it is more likely than not for a company to have to walk away from a cloud-computing opportunity. According to an article citing the Symantec 2011 “State of the Cloud” report, ( nearly half of all businesses are unprepared to implement cloud-based systems, and only 25 percent of IT departments are familiar with cloud-computing systems. Other than that, the article is well-worded, full of sensible advice, and has a well-structured approach to weighing the pros and cons of utilizing a cloud-based system.

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