IBM Releases New Database System{2}

by Tomas R
The article i read, which is entitled “IBM Releases DB2 Version 10, the First Big Upgrade in Four Years,” is about the company IBM releasing its new upgraded database system.The new system is suppose to handle more data processing systems faster and more efficiently. This is version 10 of the database system, and it is claimed by IBM to operate 10 times faster than the previous database. This version is also special because it can support the Resource Description Framework. The database system can also store data in a “multi-temperature data management,” which means that data that needs to be accessed quickly can be stored on drives that are solid state. Data that does not need to be accessed quickly and that is not as valuable is stored on slower drives. Another important feature is called “Time Travel,” which allows users to examine data at any time period, making it easy to access time sensitive material.The database price ranges from free for 2 gigabytes of memory, to 40,000 dollars per terabyte.
This article is related to the topics we discussed this week because we discussed how a database works, and how effective it can be for storing information. The chapter taught us how to design a database and how to use it to our advantage. The use of data modeling is a “crucial part of a database,” as well as designing programs and systems.

I liked this article because it shows the advancements made in database management and technology. I was suprised about how expensive it is per terabyte, but i was also impressed with the fact that 2 gigs were free for “production environments that require no more than two processor cores.” It was interesting to note that Coca-Cola is testing the database system, and that they have saved substantial money from using this type of data storage. lastly, I was able to use my own knowledge from class to understand why this database is important, and how it is a good step in the right direction toward improving data management.

Source: Jackson, Joab. (2012, April 2). IBM Releases DB2 Version 10, the First Big Upgrade in Four Years. PCWorld. Retrivied April 8, 2012 from