IBM takes action to secure its data

by Ricardo C
New technologies such as cloud services and Apple’s dictator software Siri might help employees to be more productive but IBM is concern about the company’s security. According to the article, employees are not aware of the risk that these services constitute to the company’s data. Many voice-recognition services like Siri actually transmit the words spoken to them to a database so developers can improve the service, however, this seems to be benign to businesses. Before, companies would manage mobile communications within the company deciding what to get in and out of the company, however, nowadays employees use their own devices to work with company’s data. Because companies do not have access to a person’s individual devices, IBM requires to set up personal devices before accessing IBM’s network to be able to remotely erase its memory if it is lost or stolen. As far as cloud computing services, IBM is aware that employees depend on this services to be productive that is why IBM created their own cloud service called MyMobileHub. IBM also established some guidelines with banned services.

I believe that companies are in the right to ban services like those inside their network. Companies need to protect their data from being leaked out the company and denying access to cloud services is fair. It is known that employees need to access data on the go to be productive and by providing a company’s hosted service is a convenient solution for the employee and for the company. IT needs to be aware of the different services that their employees utilize to act accordingly to solve the issues.

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2 thoughts on “IBM takes action to secure its data

  • May 31, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    The more we blog and learn about database, we know that a lot of things are actually related to database. Any kind of recognition services will keep a huge sets of database to improve the accuracy and speed of their service. In some way it is good because it can help to make our life easier and help things get done quicker, but the scary part is who knows what else these companies do with these large sets of database besides improving their services. If it gets hacked or something, they will face serious consequences.

  • June 3, 2012 at 11:07 am

    I think it is the companies responsibility to make sure that the employees are aware of all the services and the risk that comes with it by using them. Since IBM is a very big firm and they a lot of database, they want to make sure that the keep all the data safe and from getting leaked out in to the wrong hands. To do so it is very smart for IBM to established some guidelines with banned services.

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