IBM’s Data Integration Solution

by Andrew S
The author talks about in the article about how IBM bought Ascential Software for $1.1 billion in order to expand its offering in the market for corporate software.  Ascential makes software that helps companies gather and combine information from different computer sources into one system.  With this purchase, it would make IBM one of the leading companies in the emerging business of data integration.  Data integration is one of the fastest growing trends in the technological world, and acquiring Ascential would fill a hole in IBM’s enterprise software offerings.  It will allow it to offer its corporate customers a unified view of their data, regardless of where that data resides.  The need for data integration is increasing rapidly across every industry and this is just one way IBM is adapting to the situation.

I thought that this article related to what we are learning in class because it talks about how IBM, one of the largest technology and consulting corporation, is adapting to the change of data integration.  Data integration is a growing and necessary trend in today’s technological world and it can be seen that many companies are revising their infrastructure in order to cope with this change.  IBM is no different and has bought out one of the leading software in this field, Ascential Software Corporation.

I really enjoyed reading this article because it directly relates to what we are learning in class, specifically data integration.  The fact that IBM is one the leading companies in its industry just means that they have that much more information that exists within the company.  Eventually the data will need to be filed and organized to get things in order, and this is IBM’s solution to that problem.

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2 thoughts on “IBM’s Data Integration Solution

  • December 2, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    Interesting article, the topic I covered (Google Spanner) seems to be a much larger version of this. Where this seeks just to migrate data collected to one central server, Spanner wants to have all of its data united throughout Google’s server infrastructure. I agree that data integration is certainly needed in today’s world of vast databases and constantly growing data being collected by companies from their consumers. Since this article was written in 2005 I would be curious to see how far IBM went with this technology or if they already abandoned it. It would also be interesting to see if they took it and built upon it and it is now just integrated into the products that IBM is creating for its business.

  • December 2, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    I think it’s great that IBM has now acquired a business in which they can offer a complete solution to clients. It really is amazing how the database world has so many different options and requirements for running efficiently. Businesses, at least large ones, need complete solutions and IBM can now offer that. IBM now can help many companies with this purchase.

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