IBM’s ‘Project Sparta’{3}

by Leonardo S
I chose the article titled “IBM Readies ‘Project Sparta’  Aimed at Simplifying Big Data” written by Arik Hesseldahl.   In this article, Hesseldahl talks about the next new product expected to be released from IBM. This will be the third product in a product line that was announced earlier this year. Back in April of this year, IBM announced its PureSystems line who’s goal is to consolidate computing tools into one line of products. The first product announced, PureFlex, was designed to easily cater to the computing, data storage, systems management, and networking needs of a data center.  The second product, PureApplications, deals with database and Web transactions.  The highly anticipated next entry to the product line known for now as “Project Sparta” is expected to be announced during IBM’s company event on October 9.

This article fits with what we have discussed in class in that it talks about the simplification of database management. One of the cons of making and maintaining a data center is that you often need to get many pieces of software from different vendors. The consolidation of all these necessities by IBM means that it will be much easier to get all the required tools from one vendor rather than having to pick and choose from many others.

One interesting thing about the PureSystems line from IBM is that it is apparently the product of four years of research and development which has cost about $2 billion dollars. This information brings to light how important it is to have efficient applications in order to work with big data.

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