Importance Data Modeling{2}

The article that I read about talked about that in order for us to be good in working with databases it is important to acquire knowledge in security management, data integration and data recovery in the case of a disaster. Designing a good database doesn’t consist only in linking tables together; it requires lots of skills combined to be able to pull off a complete database structure that will run optimally. Many companies tend to fail when trying to design a good database because developing a good database model requires lots of time to create a well-model design and most of the companies don’t count with the necessary time to allocate to the data modeling phase.

Nowadays companies have opted in building database structure in the development phase and doing the coding along. Instead of taking the project into separate phases to avoid time constraints and other functionalities issues in the future. Merging and doing all the phases of a database design at once causes delays, poor database performance and money overspendings. The article gives insight on how important it is to have good code and structure practices when developing a database because it can affect the performance response of the database overall.

In order to succeed, we need to invest good amount of time in the physical design and implement good data modeling techniques which will help in the future when there is a need to manipulate the existing database to add, delete or modified functionalities in a table. I thought this article was good because it recap the importance of learning well how to do the relational database in order to design good databases. We are learning ER modeling and how to connect databases logically so by reading the importance of it and how not knowing how to do initial procedures right at the beginning of the database design could affect a project makes us being more aware in class on the things presented in each chapter. It really takes a lot in making a database and maintaining it efficient.

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