Importance of Data Modeling{1}

by Peter C

According to Data Modeling isn’t Dead article, it said that data modeling is very important. In the early 1980s, data modeling was very important because it was used for most project development. In order to create a business, data modeling was necessary because it was used as an outline. Just to start the company, it will need entities, relationship, and primary key. The best way to start a data modeling will be to create an entity relationship diagram. That will let the people see how the company is supposed to be run.  This is the most important model because it will show a complete picture of the operation. However, this is very time consuming which is why not every enterprise will use it. Not a lot of company would want to spend a ton of money on using this model which gives data modeling a bad name.


This week our topic was about data modeling. This article helps show us how data modeling was important in this world. We need it because it is like a guideline for us to know how the organization works. It helps us understand the process and procedure of the operation. Without it, the company might not be working properly. No matter what we decide, the best model for an enterprise would be using this data modeling system, but it is very expensive.

I believe that using this data modeling structure is the best way to look at a corporation because it provides us with all of the information that we need.  It will show us how the corporate is run and where the data is is going to. It also show us who is processing the data. In my opinion, if I was a project manager, I would like to have this model presented to me so that I can see how everything works. I know that maybe we don’t need it in big company, but we must have it in small businesses.


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