Important Aspects Of Database

by Jamal A

     The article I read focuses on some of the most important aspects of database “such as content
management, customer relations, accounts and invoicing, and events”, but mainly it focuses on
blog and an e-commerce websites. It describes some Important but simple ways to speeds up a website
by improving database. It also talks about how websites would be able to load Quicker by “minimizing
the file sizes, improving server settings and optimizing CSS and JavaScript”. Most websites store
their information in database and use PHP or ASP languages to extract it, then turned into HTML
and send it to the web browser. This article describes how improving a database can make a website
load quicker. One of the website that is mentioned in this article called “WebPagetest”, is used to check
webpages speed and see how long it will take to load.

This article relates to class because it shows us different methods to modify database
in order to make websites load quicker on the server.  I personally like this article because
it describe some of the important  criteria of database and SQL. I learned a lot from this article  and some of the stuff which I did not know about. Before reading this article, I did not know how database can actually slow down a website if a data is not formed properly.  This articles is truly my favorite.


Tero, P. (2011, March 23). Speeding Up Your Website’s Database – Smashing Coding . Smashing Coding –
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3 thoughts on “Important Aspects Of Database”

  1. This is a very informative article because it introduced all the different aspects and details that get overlooked by users. This can also explain the great success Facebook has on the public. They have people who are assigned to specifically speed up and improve database efficiency.

  2. The article was interesting because it started out by talking about what a database is and what sql is. I also found it interesting what can slow a website down and in turn how you can make your website faster. very good article.

  3. I like this article because I finally understand why some online retailer websites are so slow when I try to search for a specific item. I didn’t know that there are so many phases the data must go through in order to get it to appear on our screens.

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