Important Steps to Convert The Data Sucessfully{1}

by Jamal A
The article I read talks about the procedure that can successfully convert a logical data model into a physical  data model, particularly in a warehouse setting. The article describes some of the necessary steps that can   help convert the data successfully. The article talks about the rules that are necessary to follow when creating logical and physical data models. For Instance: “The business authorization to proceed is received, business requirements are gathered and represented in a logical data model, which will completely represent the business data requirements and will be non-redundant, the logical model is transformed into a first-cut physical model by applying several simple modifications, such as splitting a large table or combining entities in a 1:1 relationship, the logical model is then transformed into a second-cut physical model by iteratively  applying three levels of optimizations or compromises. The outcome from this is a physical database design, apply safe compromises to the model, such as splitting a table or combining two tables, apply aggressive  compromises to the model, such as adding redundant data, the physical database design is then converted to  a physical structure by generating or writing the DDL and installing the database”. In This article, The Information  Gathering Task is also described. I think gathering information is the most critical task when developing a data model. The article described three ways to approach data model development that is, “Top down, inside out, and bottom up”.

This article relates to class because it talks about developing a physical data model which we will be doing for our next project. However, it is necessary for us to follow these steps when developing a physical data model. I think these steps would help us transform our logical data model into physical successfully. This article was so informative; it was long but very interesting. I learned a lot from this article,
I know now the importance of gathering the right information before putting it into the system, because the
information is the key of all types of data. I personally think it is very important to follow each rule
carefully in order to have a good physical database.


Haughey, T. (2006, February 1). Transforming a Logical Data Model to a Physical Database Design – an Overview. The Data Administration Newsletter – Retrieved February 5, 2012, from