Improper planned updates will hurt entire organization{3}

The article I read this week is “GitHub Says Database Issues Caused This Week’s Outage and Performance Problems” by Alex Williams.The article is saying that Github’s website had experienced outage and poor availability about a month ago. Company Github is a Social network for many programmers, it offers both private and public repository for many users. Team Github replaced old server to 3-node cluster in August, and new infrastructure is also designed based on new system. But the problem caused when high loads that Github never get. In result, some of private repositories were able to access to people who are not in the repository’s list for 7 minutes.

In the class, we have learned about entity and property. When we design database, we carefully need to think about what will be the data type and length. If we don’t plan well, it will most likely lose customers, and have problems soon or later. Having down time for web-site is very critical to many business, therefore, updates should be test very carefully. We also mentioned about it will be very costly when we try to change after design phase.

When we having updates, especially in live website. Developers need to spend time to test in every single way. I guess Github’s incident was caused by negligence of testing. When I do my projects in Java class last quarter, I always thought my project is bug-free. But, somehow the professor find a way to crash my project. Therefore, there are many unexpected things will happen, so we should test our projects very carefully over and over.

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