Improve database processing performance{5}

by David H
This article talks about using the partitioning approach will help to increase database processing performance more efficient and reliable. Nowadays, many users demand about the speed of performance of computer or searching information.  For instance, when we want to search some kind of data, we want to retrieve the result or file quickly. There are many data that store in database and it was complicated.  Using searching method is essential in database management. There are two methods that used to improve database performance which is horizontal database partitioning and vertical database partitioning. The comparison between these two methods is horizontal partitioning work more efficient than vertical partitioning in a large database. It will work more efficient if it distribute more than one computer. Horizontal partitioning is very efficient because what it does is break down a relational table into smaller part. Then it decreases the total number of read operations needed to access the rows. However it determined the values of the partition key that has been provided in a query. On the other hand, vertical partitioning split up the relational table into number of pieces and duplicates the primary key.  To process the database we use RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks). This is advance technologies that used for storage.  There are 7 level of storage which is start from 0 to 6. According to author we only need to concern level 1 which is very effective. In addition RAID is very secure and reliable. In order to get faster database retrieving what partitioning does is using partitioning vertical database of original first, then it will store data to RAID level 1.

This article relates to class because we had been discussed little about partitioning but we didn’t get much detail about how these two methods set up and work into database system. I think this article is informative because it helps me to better understand how partitioning method contribute significantly to performance in database. I think database organization is crucial in the system because it makes consumption of resources lower and minimize data retrieve time.



Alsultanny, Y. (2010). Database management and partitioning to improve database processing performance. Journal of Database Marketing & Customer Strategy Management, 17(3-4), 271-276.