Improving as Database Administrator{Comments Off on Improving as Database Administrator}

by Chris S
The Database Administer has the job of overseeing and maintaining the integrity of a database. Many corporations hire DBAs to make sure that their database receives regular maintenance, quick fixes if any problems arise, and to work with others to make sure any other problems with the database get resolved. One issue with DBAs is utilizing their productivity in a way that can make them more efficient and valuable.  Teams that work with DBAs can work to fix issues but may sometimes fail to find the cause of the problem.  Some common ways in which DBAs are not successful are,

  1. Unclear problem definition.
  2. Make unfounded assumptions.
  3. No structured problem-solving process.
  4. Stopping with the first good idea.
  5. Continual improvement.

DBAs should learn to ask why a symptom or problem appears and then work on solving it, rather than hitting the issue head on with the first assumption.  A more standard approach can be more successful than trying different methods. Coming up with more than one good idea for a fix can allow DBAs and their teams to find the best possible solution that will ensure that the problem doesn’t come back. “Productivity for the IT professional means doing the right work while minimizing wasted effort and redundancy.” This is huge in the IT field, since many issues can have an endless array of solutions, it is not always about how fast the issue gets resolved but rather how accurate the proposed solution was and making sure the problem goes on resolved.

I agree with all the ways possible to ensure that your time spent as a DBA is utilized in the most efficient manner. Documenting and reviewing your work is a great way to keep up with past issues and how they got resolved correctly. It would be a waste of time to spend searching for a solution to a problem that has already been solved in the past. The IT world is all about eliminating redundancy and being as efficient as possible. It’s important to establish your worth to the company as their DBA. I know when I do reach that position at some point in the future, I would not want to let me value go unnoticed or underappreciated by management. There is no for sure way to improve your success as a DBA, but these are some good guidelines to follow.