Improving Business With Cloud Computing{2}

by Chris S
This article focused on several benefits cloud computing can have on a business. A small list that was mentioned include data duplication, outsourcing, technical capability increase, and data handling. Some of the bigger ideas behind cloud computing improving a business are reducing their costs, security, and convenience. All these reasons tied together would create more efficiency for any business. By using cloud computing technology, businesses will be able to enhance and perform all their operations with ease.

I believe this relates to the idea of cloud computing with databases in a number of ways. The possible benefits with this scenario can be very efficient for any database management system and it’s users. A few things I can think of would the reduced technology costs, remote access and scalability. These are just to name a few but I am sure there are many more possible benefits to having cloud computing working with databases.

The other things I was thinking about were the potential problems with having a database in cloud computing. Securities and data integrity are my top concerns for it. For example, if by chance someone was able to get into a database, they may be able to modify sensitive information. I haven’t used cloud technology yet, but after reading up on it I will be attempting to make use of it very soon.



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