Improving Data Quality{Comments Off on Improving Data Quality}

by Polun L
The article, “Five Tips to Improve Data Quality”, by Joel Curry, talks about the methods of managing data and the benefits of keeping high quality of data. First of all, accurate data is very important to businesses because the data can help businesses analysis and predict a possible outcome in the future. Second, organised data can efficiently increase the performance of database and allow the management to execute any major decisions with accurate and sufficient information. In the following article, the author provides five tips to improve contact data quality. The first tip is that email or direct mail should be checked frequently in order to ensure that data is up-to-date. Also, it increases the communication effectiveness and overall planning in the long term. The next tip is that data should be verified before they are entered into the database. Any misleading or inaccurate data may influence any decisions made by the board. Third, the management should be able to understand how data is operated in the database. Once they understand a business database, they will easily identify potential data entry trends and be able to find out any bad data cluster. If any incorrect data occurs, they can use the tip1 to check and eliminate the issue. Since a business database contains  a lot of information, the company needs to minimize the risk of having errors by hiring multiple data quality managers. The reason is that a team of data quality managers must do better job than only one data quality manager. The last tip is that administrators should schedule regular database checkups frequently. Because data is input and output everyday, administrators need to make sure the database is running smoothly.


Except the first tip, the rest of the tips is quite familiar for me because they are just a standard guideline for managing and checking database. Track mail deliverability – I believe it is some kinds of strategy for marketing businesses, so it does not seem suitable for a large amount of company.


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