Improving Databases and Datacenters

by Anthony T
The article is about the current trends in IT and how they relate to databases management. The author mentions the growth of e commerce and how companies are deciding to use the cloud to meet those needs. A problem which datacenter managers face is doing more with less funding. The author suggest advanced request distribution as a solution for datacenter managers. What this is basically is a process which sends request to certain resources which are best fitted to execute them. This technique is being used in the web and application layer of the application architecture. In terms of the data layer, advanced distribution techniques are used primarily on transaction processing done over the web. The authors go on to outline their proposed cost cutting technique. Their strategy basically assigns requests among a cluster of “off the shelf databases”. The steps of their process consists of developing a logical approach and architecture, develping a working model, and evaluation of artifacts.

This article brings to light a different aspect of database management. It focuses more on the experimental aspect of the field. The article shines some light on the challenges which IT faces in terms of the tremendous growth of e commerce. I also find it interesting the innovation and creativity which the field requires for it to continue to grow.

VanderMeer, D. , Dutta, K. , & Datta, A. (2012). A cost-based database request distribution technique for online e-commerce applications. MIS Quarterly, 36(2), 479-507.