Information Consciousness with Information Tecnology: A better Approach to Society

by Shaleen S
Information is the basic need of life. Without information one cannot function. Information can be anything from fight reservation, to grade on an exam, to a telephone number. And for the very same reason institutions and companies are consolidating information. The thing about information is to decide how one wants to use it, and what it can derive from that. Therefore information technology can be defined as something that has an application for the information, and how it can use that data to do things it wants to do. One of the basic functions is to just collect information which is usually followed by managing, storing, organizing, exchanging, searching etc. And for that it takes the help of computer science, communication technologies, and human labor. And when one does all that, it improves quality of life, things start to make more sense, and life seems organized. Society can communicate instead of gibber jabber.

But the back end procedure to do those things requires a lot more.  It requires computers, which means it requires hardware and software. Computer is generally used for internet which allows to spread ideas, and intake of more information. This has also enabled and promoted the growth of Artificial Intelligence which has a lot of potential. Artificial Intelligence tries to be as human as it can be. It can think for itself, and can make decisions based on the choices provided. It is an advanced version of information technology. Which brings to the point of information consciousness. Since information is pervasive it becomes challenging in regard to which information to process. It has to be filtered out. That’s why this research conducted by Wu Yuntian, and YunWei reveals that the more information people read, the more aware and sharp they become. This increases their ability to filter out information. It is the same thing as driving a car. The more one drives the more easy they feel the next time. They can judge better. The information bombardment actually strengthens the intellect, and helps focus more. So next time they take up a similar task, they will take twice the less time than before with more accurate results. And that is the efficiency of the human brain.

But everybody knew that right? so, keep reading more, and strengthen your life with information. Even if one thinks it’s not relevant, it is, maybe just not at that instance of time. Information is this grandeur form of social development, and believe it or not it has influenced each and every aspect of people’s lives. It has revolutionized cultures, societies, kings, and governments. Information Technology permeates gradually in the daily routines, and how to access information in the most quickest way, the most accurate way requires the help of management information systems, and strong databases that can handle large amounts of data. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?



Wu Yuntian; Yun Wei; , “Information Based on Strengthening the Awareness and Promotion of Information Technology,” Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering (ICIII), 2010 International Conference on , vol.4, no., pp.88-90, 26-28 Nov. 2010
doi: 10.1109/ICIII.2010.499

2 thoughts on “Information Consciousness with Information Tecnology: A better Approach to Society

  • May 20, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    I really liked this article, it was very interesting. It is so true that this whole world revolves around information and with so much information the technology keeps growing and growing trying to keep up with all the information.

  • May 20, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    As college students, we all know the importance of being educated and pushing information into our brains. I would say we have mastered the ability to sort through a page of information and take only what is important in a matter of minutes. Companies are beginning to personalize the experience of every user and being able to sort through what really matters to us as consumers is more essential than ever.

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