Interesting but Hard IT Jobs

by Hoyoung C
This article talks about a few IT jobs that could look interesting at first. But once you get to know about it, it’s not as fun as it seems. The first job that the author talked about was the penetration testers. As a penetration tester, they are allowed to do anything they want in order to bypass the security. The whole purpose of penetration testing is to find out how strong the security of a company is, and to fix the security hole if the security can be breached. The author says, “The biggest difference between a criminal and a penetration tester is that a criminal doesn’t have to spend half his time writing reports.” He says that the process of breaking into a facility is not as cool as it looks; he says that they spend most of the time just searching for the security holes, and it’s only exciting for a very short moment when they are able to break in. After that, the rest of the work is on writing a report about it. Another job the author mentioned was the information systems manager. When they are doing data backups, they are so busy that they have to work on weekends too. And the complaint that the author had was that they don’t get any credit for doing a good job on backing up data, but they get fired if they screw up even once.


Being a penetration tester sounds interesting, but it sounds like a job for those who really enjoy doing such things. Although they can break into facilities without having to go to jail, it seems like a lot of work to do besides doing that. Searching for security holes sounds like a stressful task, and also spending half the time writing a report about how the penetration testing has been also sounds like an annoying job. I think this job would require someone who really enjoys penetration testing, since they would have to go through all that work just to enjoy a short moment of excitement while breaking into the security. The other job also seems like the type of job that I would not want to do. After reading this article, I now have an idea of what kind of job this is. Always staying busy but not getting recognition for the hard work, but being the first one to take the blame when something goes wrong does not sound that interesting to me.

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2 thoughts on “Interesting but Hard IT Jobs”

  1. As an individual interested in IS Management and Enterprise Resource Management, I am concerned about the way the article mentions how even one screw up could lead to getting fired – now I know to make sure to not even screw up once!
    Additionally, it might look foolish to promote clubs I am not a part of, but when you wrote about penetration testing, I have to mention that we do have a really excellent cyber-security club that anyone interested in the field should really take a look at.

  2. This article is really interesting to me especially the job about penetration tester. It sounded like a very interesting and very challenging position. To me it look like it is a very highly intense as it requires the involvement of the companies security and at the same time it could be very stressful as it requires a lot of writing.

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