Iraq Biometrics Database{Comments Off on Iraq Biometrics Database}

by Andrew J
Throughout the years that the United States military have been in Iraq, it has collected over 3 million biometric scans. All of this is placed into a large database that the United States military holds. This valuable database is used for counter terrorism. The troops of the United States military carry viewfinder-like scanning devices that keep all the digital records of the many Iraqis that they encountered. Some of the  Iraqis got their biometrics scanned because they were suspected insurgents. Some of the Iraqis that got scanned simply worked on United States military bases. Even those Iraqis who wanted to join the police force were scanned.

Thinking about how the data model would work for this database, I wondered about how complex it would be, and how much space it would require. Every Iraqi who was scanned was given an ID card. Each person would have their ID number as their primary key and the other attributes would be things like the name, address, gender, phone number. Then they would have to connect together things such as finger print scans, retinal scans, and many other different types of scans. At first I though the database model would be rather simple, but the more I think about it, the more details I come up with. However, it really does not seem that much more different than the models that we currently do in class.

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