Is the Cloud that secure

by Robert Q
This article explain that cloud computing is growing at a stead rate. More and more companies are planning to push some of their business resources into cloud computing. However most companies are still feeling skeptical about cloud computing and how well cloud computing can maintain strong and high security. The article continues on saying that as cloud computing customer we have to be diligent in making sure that cloud vendor have  the highest level of security, by doing audits and making sure that the cloud vendor have all of the correct security certification. If the cloud vendor fails any of the audits then it would be time for the company to find a different vendor. Making sure that the cloud computing is secure is an important step that need to be address before cloud computing can really take off.


It would seem that many companies are starting to using clouding computing, however most companies are just using basic business application on clouding computing. It would seem that most companies are still skeptical about how well cloud computing security really is. I rarely use the cloud because I feel that the cloud is not that secure compare to having the actual back-up in a hard drive that is next to my computer. If I was a manager at a business that need high level security to protect its assets, I wouldn’t trust cloud computing that much. The main reason is because I don’t really know where all of my information is going and can only trust that my important information is going to a secure location.

After reading this article I can see that cloud computing vendors still haven’t took the necessary steps in informing it customers that cloud computing is secure. However how can a cloud vendor really convince someone that their information is stored secure in an imaginary area somewhere is cyberspace. While my knowledge about the cloud is limited I can get a sense from this article that cloud computing still have a long way to go before companies would replace their main back-up hard drive with just the cloud.


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4 thoughts on “Is the Cloud that secure”

  1. I agree with the point that Robert tried to touch; however, based on what I have learned from cloud computing, organizations need to learn about cloud computing before doing the move and cloud computing vendors need to explain how cloud computing works because it is a secure way to store data. Local storage is a secure way to store data, but it also has its security risks. Imaging a if an employee loss a corporate laptop with important information or someone walking in the organization’s building and plugging in a flash drive or other portable storage devices and walking out with precious information. A good cloud computing vendor will have different methods of security that will keep data protected form unauthorized access. Since the vendor specializes on what they do, they will protect the data very good.

  2. This is a very risky move for businesses to rely on the cloud. It seems that all information now is not secure. Having to audit companies that are being payed to store information seems like a hassle. From a business perspective I believe that should have to be an issue. I think that all the recent security breaches have left us skeptical about information security in general. Sounds like a tough task for the cloud to convince us and businesses that it’s safe.

  3. Anytime when data is in the cyberspace, it can be accessed by anyone who tries to access it. The only way to make sure data is safe is if they are offline. But organizations or businesses with large amount of data are usually plugged in and is in threat of cyber attack. The issue with cloud security is we don’t know how much security they have on their system. When organizations and businesses have their on database, at least they know how much security they have on their system. Now going into cloud, how much security do they have and how much security they say they have is all out of control. Therefore, I think it is hard for organizations and businesses to just move into cloud with any consideration.

  4. Let’s not forget how much work it is to monitor information flow in the cloud. Organizations have policies and regulations to restrict who has access to what but on the cloud, who knows what’s going on in there. As for making sure cloud computing is secure, well, look at the problems we still have trying to secure information on our hardware. It will be a long way before we can declare cloud computing “reasonably” secure.

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