iTunes Match Plays on All Apple’s Devices{1}

by Jintien C
This article is about iTunes Match. After iTunes Match beta finished testing, Apple is almost ready to launch its iTunes Match. This service will have a flat rate fee of $24.99 charge per year. Apple’s iTunes Match uses its own cloud server to store music files. iTunes Match will first match Apple’s cloud databases when a user upload a music. The music gets uploaded only when it’s not found. iTunes Match also promises that every music plays in 256kbps no matter original format is. Basically once you have iTunes Match, you will be able to access your music libraries from any Apple’s products that you own.

I think iTunes Match will be another essential application for Apple’s users in the future, especially for those music lovers. iTunes Match basically utilizes Apple’s cloud server to provide its service and store all the music collections in the Apple’s databases. Once a user has purchased an iTune or uploaded a music, he or she will gain an access from iTunes Match. Later, when a user makes a request from iTunes Match, the music is actually played by the iCloud. And a user downloads a music, the music actually is retrieved from Apples’s databases.

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