Java Will Lead the Way{Comments Off on Java Will Lead the Way}

by James C

SQL Navigator, a development solution for database applications. Designed and developed by Quest Software has released its newest version supporting Java. As the trend for developing in Java has increased, Quest Software has followed in suite by incorporating into SQL Navigator support for implementing Java based procedures and commands. SQL Navigator supports both PL/SQL (Procedural Language / Structured Query Language) and Java application development by lowering the turn-around time by 50 percent. The use of the this market-leading software has globally reached over 50 thousand users.


Like many, I have questioned the requirement of taking Java courses for a CIS degree. Many of the other courses have no use for the language, let alone mention it. I would’ve thought that the C language would’ve been the main focus of object oriented programming.

I now see that Java has unexplainably risen to the top of all programming languages. The benefits of learning and using Java is due to its cross platform flexibility and object-oriented syntax. The use of Java has also taken a giant leap, not just by its incorporation into software like SQL Navigator, but by its contributions to the Android OS.


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