Job Resume Technological Advancement{1}

by Michael V
The author of the article writes about how the advancement of information technology has continually progressed to the point where it has begun to revolutionize the job industry through the way resumes are sent and viewed. For the past 30 years, the format of resumes have remained relatively unchanged, relying on the same etiquette in typing that is either printed or emailed around. However, because of the advancements of cloud technology today, people are beginning to use the internet to create their own personal resume online in a profile to be viewed by others. The author writes about how this achieves many purposes, such as ease of access, as well as a higher rate of information reliability, as the resumes will be able to be viewed by everyone, making it harder to lie without being detected by others, which is a major issue with the resumes that are privately sent out today.

The article has given me a lot of thought about how easily technology can alter the way even the most established traditions in a positive manner. The use of cloud technology integrated with job resumes gives this advancement a feel very similar to the popularized social networks we see so often today. It will allow users to present their resumes in a much more eye-catching manner, but I perceive that the true benefits of the new style of resumes is not properly emphasized in the article. Because resumes can be viewed by anyone, employers will now have greater freedom in finding and selecting employees they want working for them in addition to the easier information verification. This means that less resources will be wasted on tracking down potential employees, and more people will be hired for their proper talents. People who have not even sent their resumes to a company can be easily scouted and recruited simply on the basis of their skills which are listed on the cloud site.

This relates to this week’s lecture topic of Logical Database Design and the Relational Model through the way that the cloud site for job resumes would have to be organized. It would be optimal for verification and search engine purposes that the cloud site establish a way to organize relationships between the client users and companies they worked for or are working for. This can be done through logical database model which focuses on creating stable database structures or with the relational data model, which focuses on the attributes and relations each entity has. The people who list their information on the resume cloud on the internet would be easy to correspond to their proper credits, allowing for a much better job hunting and recruitment experience.

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