Jobs in Big Data{3}

by Tseng H. K.
The article I read this week is “How to get a hot job in big data” by Dan Tynan. I choose this article because if you are getting to like database, you might want to consider about jobs that are related to databases. This article is great because it gives life story about how people who are not related database field previously switch to database jobs, and these people talks about little tips to get their job.

To summarize the article, this article talks about several different stories. First, A physicist who has doctorate in Physics became data miner for LinkedIn. Next, a college admissions officer became data visualizer. Third, a marketer who became data analyst. Finally, an artist became data manipulator. I cannot summarize the entire article because it is six pages long, but it is fun to read it. I liked first story, Goldman who is a physicist became data data miner for LinkedIn has asked to take massive data collected by business to turn it into products. He finally found algorithm to prune non obvious links and make new recommendation for new connection. At the end of this story, Goldman told about he hired a guy who has background of poetry, he ended up doing really well too.

Although this article is not talking about technical stuff that is related to database, this article is very relevant to our class because the article talks about very important facts as we learning database. As a student in database class, if you start to like database, you should know what kind of jobs available in real field, and what kind of job you want to do for your rest of life. We also should know why people in different field want to become part of database field, there must be reasons.

Dan, T (March 19, 2012)How to get a hot job in big data