Joomla incorporates MySQL{1}

by Ermie C
This article is about how the new edition of Joomla has now made it possible to use Microsoft SQL Server, PostGreSQL, and MySQL.  This multi-database support has become a great plus for business owners that use Joomla for their websites.  There won’t be as much hassle by being limited to just one database structure.  This is because the creators have only made previous Joomla versions to only incorporate MySQL.  However, with the new integration of multi-database functions, the use of PHP could allow Joomla to connect with the new database tools.  There’s a couple of new things they added also; the ability to incorporate a search engine function and something called stemming where it assumes the word that is being searched.   Then there is also auto completion.  In a nutshell, they have made the interface for Joomla, a lot more user friendly and this is what will attract new customers and keep the long lasting consumers of 1.6 million websites.

This article was very interesting because it outlines what companies are doing to stay competitive in this ever growing database industry.  At first, I thought Joomla was just script to make a website look pretty, like Javascript, etc.  However, with this new incorporation, I think that it’s pretty smart of them to add the commonly used Microsoft SQL Server and PostGreSQL.    If a company focuses too much on one aspect, they will miss out on opportunity to expand on the things they can do and provide.  This is a great move for the Joomla Creators because if just making MySQL the main database tool, it gave them 1.6 million users.  Now, with the new features, that number may even triple.

This is part of the class because business students we must understand that there are many facets of the business game.  We must learn everything and be adaptive to the growing technology around us.  Joomla is a very interesting type of script because it is open source and Open Source technology is one of the growing technologies around us.  Although we are just limited to one thing in the class, i.e. Microsoft SQL Server, if we want to become database administrators we must become familiar with them all.


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