Joomla + SQL = Fun to say, fun to use{Comments Off on Joomla + SQL = Fun to say, fun to use}

by Brian T
Upon surfing the articles of PC World (mainly in an effort to feel intelligent and savvy), I happened across an article regarding a product known as Joomla. For those of you inquiring as to what Joomla is, it is an open-source style content management system.  Apparently, in their latest release Joomla has added a search engine as well as support for PostGreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server – an expansion from their prior reliance on MySQL. A spokesman for Open Source Matters (Joomla’s supporting organization) explains that valuable time and financial resources may now be retained by expanding Joomla’s capabilities beyond that of a single server. Additionally, it was stated that the Joomla update will allow the execution of multiple common  SQL commands across different types of databases without having to specify or worry about syntax.

I find articles like this to be far simpler than academic journals, but nevertheless vital to today’s tech environment. Sure, the users will notice a few minor improvements here and there, but this update was clearly aimed at Joomla’s developers.  This makes me glad largely for 2 reasons: 1) Developers deserve (more than most) to have simplified and aided tasks. After all, they shoulder the majority of the responsibility for producing software like this. And 2) although it’s been stated in my and my colleague’s articles before, it bears repeating –


To everything. Always. Creative database manipulation and activities of that nature are some of those admirable traits and techniques that makes organizations more noteworthy, and typically, more successful as well. And so, I doff my cap to the folks at Joomla. Though I have minimal knowledge of exactly what it is you do, I have more confidence in the notion that you are doing it right.



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