Jumping Through Hadoopla’s{Comments Off on Jumping Through Hadoopla’s}

by James C

Apache Hadoop, a “Java-based software framework for distributed processing of data intensive transformations and analyses.” Basically, the software takes a big processing job, distributes it, and collects the information to a small easy to understand result. The cost of housing a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is considerably lower than commissioning a comparable relational database counterpart. The benefits of deploying such a framework have been so significant that many companies have adopted its open source platform, companies like Microsoft, IBM and even the database giant, Oracle, just to name a few.


I think that no matter what type of database platform enters the market relational databases will always be a prominent figure among them. It is by nature a structure database, which many small companies, as well as large ones, will need its structured features for more relevant processing. With the size of the World Wide Web expanding, the use of Hadoop will probably edge out SQL in the future. Especially, with the addition modile computing and applications.


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