Large Data Into the Clouds{Comments Off on Large Data Into the Clouds}

by Ronny W
Technology advances each day. More and more public cloud is offering their service to organizations and businesses. These public clouds offer large storage spaces. Organizations and businesses tend to have a large amount of data. The amount of data have been increasing in the past few years. With large amount of data, it means a lot of data transfer and integration. “Many enterprises are actually shipping USB drives via Federal Express to their public cloud providers to pump their big data system with current data.” Public cloud is not always the most secure way to keep large amount of data. It is harder to manage and safely protect the data. As public cloud services become more public, organizations and businesses need to plan before they go into the clouds.

Cloud computing is a big step for organizations and businesses to go into international and global market. Most of the organizations and businesses have advance from using papers, digital documents, and now into database. As organizations and businesses grow bigger and bigger, it will take more storage to keep all their data. Organizations and businesses can integrate into the cloud as a way of backup. Public clouds can help to reduce having to have a space for data warehouse in an organization or business. It can reduce some cost of maintaining database.

On the other hand, security is one of the biggest issue with cloud computing. Anytime when things are in the public, it is never safe. There are hackers out their trying to break into organization or business business intelligence. When data are in the cloud, it is more vulnerable than being in the local data warehouse. Integration of large amount of data will be hard. Public cloud is probably not the most stable service because no one knows how well this cloud technology will last. There are risks associated with cloud computing. The technology of cloud computing is fairly new, there are still a lot of room for this technology to mature and be stable.


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