Logical and Physical Database comparison{1}

This week’s article I decided to blog about is called “Logical Versus Physical Database Modeling,” It was written by the staff of developer.com but the information was originally derived from a book called “Database Design” which was written by Ryan K. Stephens and Ronald R. Plew. The article basically explains the logical and physical data modeling and then compares them in a very simple and easy to learn method. The article starts off explaining how models are required and visually represent a proposed database, and then it talks about the different types of diagrams that are used which are the entity relationship diagram, the process flow diagram and the server model diagrams. Then the article introduces the logical and physical data modeling and explains the importance of knowing the difference between the two when it comes to databases. The logical Modeling section then explains that it uses the business requirements and converts those requirements into a model. Creating this model requires the gathering of business entities, business processes, and organizational units. After this information is gathered diagrams and reports are produced that show the processes, that data that exists and the relationships between the data. It should show a physical representation of the activities and data relevant to a particular business. The physical database is the actual design of the database based on what was acquired from the logical database. It deals with the conversion of the logical model into a relational database model. But this is just a small summary which is covered more in depth inside the article.

The reason I chose this article this week was to gain a better insight into logical and physical database modeling from a different perspective. I also thought it would better prepare my fellow classmates and myself for the upcoming exam. If for any reason anyone was still slightly confused or not a hundred percent sure on these two, this website may help them better understand, so if that sounds like you go check it out!

Ryan K. Stephens and Ronald R. Plew. (2011, March). Logical Versus Physical Database Modeling. Developer.com.

Retrieved from: http://www.developer.com/tech/article.php/641521/Logical-Versus-Physical-Database-Modeling.htm