LogMeIn vs. Dropbox

by Ronny W
Dropbox have been the leader of cloud storage for a good amount of time. LogMeIn announced their beta ‘Cubby’ service to compete with Dropbox. Cubby offers more data and they are “a P2P data sync feature and the promise of user-managed encryption keys.” (Dunn, 2012) With P2P sync service, it means their are no data limit, but computers needs to be to do it. Cubby cloud save and sync that is pre-defined, so it works kind of like a backup service. Files that are saved have visual notification that tells the user what is happening. Users can also sync their files onto their smart devices. Cubby is easy to set up and during beta they did not experience any crashes or freezes. Cubby beta offers data encryption keys assigned by the user. They most of the data will be hosted on US for now. They have data where there are laws protecting these data. Pricing is not announced, but they are going to be up against Google, Microsoft, and other cloud services in the near future.
During class, a lot of the questions have been raised up in where the data is being stored and how secure it is. LogMeIn announced that their data will be stored in US for now. This can assure that if other country were to have a disaster, people who have their data saved in Cubby will be safe. They don’t need to worry if their data will be gone due to natural disaster or other unknown governmental factors. Cubby allow users to encrypt their data with their own encryption key, so it is harder for other people to gain access to the data even if it was hacked.
Cubby seems like a reliable cloud computing service in this article. They allow more storage space for free and they have not experience any crashes or freezes during testing. It can prove to users that they are stable and reliable. They answered a lot of the questions  people have about cloud services. They provide stability and security which have been the biggest issue for businesses to implement their system into cloud. Cubby might just be the new guy that everyone dislike in the near future.
Dunn, J. (2012, April 16). Logmein takes on dropbox with ‘cubb’y cloud storage. Retrieved from http://www.pcworld.com/article/253845/logmein_takes_on_dropbox_with_cubby_cloud_storage.html

4 thoughts on “LogMeIn vs. Dropbox”

  1. Reading from the article it seems that cubby is almost better than dropbox in all aspects. And since its beta version is attracting so much attention, i am excited for the launch of its full version. I will definitely lookout for cubby. And like you said, it tells the users about where their data is stored. That kind of assurance will definitely attract many people.

  2. This is an interesting idea of transforming your computer into your own cloud computing server. This is convenient when you have large files that would eat up your cloud storage limit and you can access them directly from your hard disk. As long as Cubby maintain its connection encrypted where you know that your hard drive will be safe connected to Cubby services all the time, this is a great service to have specially for those who work at their home or office computers and want to have access to the same files on their laptop or iPad, iPhone, Android phones.

  3. Cubby sounds like an interesting idea. It has me browsing its details more in depth like when is finished version being released and what the user interface looks like etc. If it is as user friendly as it appears to be then this thing can be a big hit. I would love to have something like this so I could access files on my other devices at will.

  4. The article also mentions some security issues that Dropbox has. It says that employees of Dropbox can easily bypass the system’s encryption. It also talked about some accounts being able to be accessed even with the wrong password. But for Cubby, since the users get their own encryption keys, it would be much safer to use.

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