Look Before You Leap{1}

by Han C
Being able to use available knowledge to help build an effective and efficient product for your customer is crucial in the business world. Coming up with the right solution the first time can make the difference in money and time. That is why this article stresses the importance of forward engineering. Although the article itself it still rather old. The information is relevant to what we have done in our second assignment and maybe even our third and final assignment. The article discusses the benefits of implementing forward engineering practices in business systems analysis, for example, “Logical modeling gets it right and physical modeling makes it optimal for the chosen database platform and technology.” Furthermore, the author does not believe in merely relying on reverse engineering to provide the necessary business in’s and out’s and recommends forward engineering whenever possible.

I felt the article touched on some good points. For instance, data modeling and database design can work on a mutual beneficial way to help build systems better and faster. Reverse or re-engineering is good too but if the necessary knowledge of a business process is understood, it will make developing the system a little easier. In regards to monitoring and maintenance, there will fewer changes required after the system is up.

Source: Scalzo, Bert. Toadworld.com (Nov 2006).

Retrieved from http://www.toadworld.com/Blogs/tabid/67/EntryId/45/Forward-Engineering-A-Better-Approach-to-Design.aspx