Lowering Costs by Using Database Standardization{3}

by Renee L
In his article “Standardizing Transactional Database Systems Boosts BI, Lowers Costs,” Mark Whitehorn explains the potential benefits of database standardization. In most companies today, people choose their database engines by the suitability of their applications. Organizations do not even pay attention to the type of transactional database that is implemented in the software. As a result, they end up with multiple transactional database systems. However, the applications run as standalone systems within the departments, so it makes it harder to integrate and migrate data. In addition, costs are much higher. Therefore, Whitehorn suggests the idea of managing all transactional database systems on one relational database engine. That way, costs, such as software licensing costs, would be much lower, and companies might be able to reduce the size of the team.¬†Also, he mentions that forcing all of the company’s database requirements in a single platform is not recommended. One solution may be is to standardize several of the company’s database systems on one relational database engine. For example, one for your main transactional systems, data warehouse systems, and desktop database engines. Overall, it is better for a company to have less database platforms to reduce costs and improve integration of data.

In relation to the class’s lectures, this article mentioned the relational database engine and how companies are looking for information in their database systems, not just raw transactional data. With the relational database system, business rules are applied and people are able to manipulate the data to find what they are looking for.

I enjoyed reading this article. It is always interesting to read about techniques or ways to reduce costs in an organization, especially dealing with technology such as database systems. Also, it is always good to find ways to reduce costs especially during this economy and with the advanced technology we already have.


Whitehorn, M. H. (2012). Standardizing transactional database systems boosts bi, lowers costs.SearchDataManagement, Retrieved from http://searchdatamanagement.techtarget.com/feature/Standardizing-transactional-database-systems-boosts-BI-lowers-costs