Managing and monitoring server log data{1}

by Quoc L
As data center keeping on growing in this technology fill business world. The important of maintaining correct and consistent server log is even more important than ever. It can help IT administrators and engineers create a proactive environment that protects it from current and future problems.  Tips to maintaining a safe and clean server is provide by SearchDataCenter.
1.    Create an audit trail for forensics analysis.
2.    Manage and monitor intrusion. Incident containment.
3.    Proactively protect their environment.
4.    Real-time alert configurations.
5.    Manage active network logs and create a usage baseline.
6.    Create living log workbooks capable of change as IT demands evolve.

I find that this article is quite interesting as it can help prolong the life of one’s server.  Through the usage of data monitoring tool, business and owner can protect any valuable data store on their server from hacker. This article gives me a general idea on how to protect my database from would be hacker trying to steal any valuable information from my database. Some ideas is to monitor all access to the database by logging down ever thing to server log. Using the logs to find any weakness in the system defense suck as firewall.

I think these are common sense kind of tips for database administer.  That if anybody was to host their own server; they should be keep track of everything or one that have access to it.  Checking the access log often to prevent any unknown hacker unlimited access. Having accurate record the IT department can find weakness in their own defense system.

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