McAfee and Sentrigo Data Security{3}

For my last blog post I read an article by Leena Rao called, “Intel’s McAfee Acquires Sentrigo to Boost Database Security Offerings.” The article talks about how McAfee announced the acquisition of Sentrigo. Sentrigo had raised $19 million in venture funding and offers host based software that protects enterprise databases. It does so by monitoring all of the databases activity in real time and the providing alerts, audit trail, virtual patching, and automatic intrusion capabilities. This is was all done via a program called Hedgehog which has a very small footprint and allows for complete monitoring of all database activities with no interference of any kind. McAfee had actualy partnered with Sentrigo in 2010 and in 2011 they acquired them. Mcafee’s Vulnerability Manager is a product that both companies had worked on before the acquisition, it automatically discovers all databases on a network, scans them, collects a full inventory of configuration details and determines if the latest patches have been applied. Their Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) not only tracks the changes in the database but protects the data from external threats as well with real time alerts and session termination.

I read this article because the title caught my eye. We have talked in class multiple times about how important security is for our databases. So When I saw an article talking about boosting database security I wanted to see what it was all about. I believe that many people will have mixed emotions on a service like this because you are allowing another company access to your databases and what they do with your files is unkown even though they state that they do not touch them. However there are some benefits and most likely cost reductions as well, if you use a service like this, it will most likely be cheaper than having extra workers in your office monitoring the database. That said even if you had somebody monitoring it they most likely would not catch a security breach as fast as this program would.

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