Me Metadata, You Metadata, Ooh Ooh{Comments Off on Me Metadata, You Metadata, Ooh Ooh}

by James C

Metadata means different things, depending if one is a hunter or a gatherer. Information management uses metadata to hunt, meaning it creates and uses structured data to assist specific hunts for explicit responses. On the other hand, web professionals are gatherers. Web professionals use metadata to collect or gather many organized responses, associations, and links. Despite the differences between information management and web professional in terms of how these use metadata, there are instances where the end user needs to utilize both approaches at separate times. The implication of such instances means that there is a need for these two differing groups to collaborate.


This article highlights the importance of collaboration between two groups in order to help end users achieve their purpose as they hunt and gather information. I really appreciate that this articles speaks to the importance of this issue. Far too many times we see groups acting alone and not collaborating with one another, assuming that their purposes are too different. However, it is the end user who benefits from such collaboration. Furthermore, collaboration can lead to many other possibilities that neither group may have been aware of without it.

Also, this articles does a great job of describing the different motivation behind each group. But again, it is through the collaboration between the two cultures that allows for the practical use and implementation of hunting and gathering information. Also, I enjoy seeing how each culture is beginning to adopt certain practices from one another in order to improve their methodology.


Owens, C. (2009). When metadata worlds collide: The hunter/gatherer dichotomy. Journal of Digital Asset Management, 5(4), 181-181-184. doi:10.1057/dam.2009.14