Merit Awarded given to ERwin Data Modeler{Comments Off on Merit Awarded given to ERwin Data Modeler}

by Ermie C
This article is about how a CA ERwin Data Modeler has been given the Reader’s Choice Merit Award from Visual Studio Magazine. They were chosen under the categories of Databases, Data Development and Modeling. In the Visual Studio Magazine there are 29 categories to get recognized in. With many readers, they have understood the “proven ability” of what ERwin data modeler can do from streamlining the data model and designing databases. This recognition is highly regarded because VSM’s readers are the most important to them and they understand that if their readers recognize something, then it will clearly deserve a reward. This Data Modeler is popular because it is used by many professionals and it gives them the ability to solve real world database problems. So this award is deserving to the one thing that makes everyone’s life easier.

This article was very interesting in the sense that it shows that hard work pays off.
This is because if there are many things being created to help with database problems, and users find the one tool that makes it easier and more efficient, then that means it must be worth it. The magazine’s readers understand what the capabilities of it are, and all it could do was help them. Also, it’s not just some random customers, but true customers that buy and subscribe to the magazine.

This fits into the class because whether we like it or not, we will all understand what the ERwin data modeler by the end of the class. It shows that data models can make it easier for us to plan out the things we need to do. Now we can trust this modeler more with this new statistic coming from Visual Studio Magazine.
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