Microchip Database for Dogs Prevents Abondonment{1}

by Steven C
This article is about how Singapore is planning to set up a national microchip database for dogs to prevent owners from abandoning them. Before the purchase of a pet dog,  they are given a microchip that could track down their location. After the purchase of a license, an owner must register their name and address in the database. This database will help track missing dogs and identify the owners that abandoned them. The article claims that Singapore Minister K Shagmugam said that it was absolutely essential and it proves that Singapore is progressing in the animal protection movement. The penalty for pet abandonment in Singapore is now up to 10,000 dollars, 12 months in jail, or both. Since it is nationalized, authorities will use this one integrated database to track down those who get caught for abandoning their pets.

I chose this article because I thought it was interesting that Singapore is now using microchips on dogs to prevent owners from neglecting them. By entering the IDs of the dogs and their corresponding owners, authorities could easily track down both the owner and the abandoned dog. It seems like the applications for databases are endless, because it could help businesses, governments, researchers, or the general public with different kinds of operations and functions. I would never expect that a database could be used to track down abandoned dog s and their owners using microchips.

Dass, Angelina. “National Microchip Database for Dogs to Be Set Up.” Asia One News 25 Feb 2012. http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/Singapore/Story/A1Story20120225-330208.html