Microsoft announces SQL Server 2012 Pricing{Comments Off on Microsoft announces SQL Server 2012 Pricing}

by Ahlyzik M

As the year comes to a close, old products are being pushed off the line and the new updated material will usher in a new era of computing, and by that I mean this will bring about new features which make the user experience much more usable. In this case I am referring to the upcoming release of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012 that will be up for sale in the coming months. Because of this, Microsoft revealed the pricing for SQL server 2012 as an introduction to the updated features and pricing of the product. This allows for IT managers to adjust their budgets for the new implementation of this software. When looking at SQL, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right version of this software.

Of the plethora of versions, the Enterprise edition is the one that contains the most features and functionalities. The users’ needs will determine the type of version that they will use. There is a new version called “Business Intelligence” which is meant for small businesses that want to leverage the software and increase their productivity. The cost of this new version will be dependent on the organizations computing power. SQL Server 2012 will be able to utilize much of the old products’ functions from the Datacenter edition.


I feel as though this was a good move to reveal the pricing on Microsoft’s part to give IT managers a sense of what is to come next year. Considering that a number of other companies such as Oracle and new competitors such as NoSQL, it was only a matter of time until Microsoft released a new database candidate. I also feel that their new introduction of the Business Intelligence version was a great decision because it allows for more flexibility when running a small business. Also, the fact that these new versions allow for virtualization to be used means that the computing power can be maximized and productivity can be increased because of the efficiency of the product.


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